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Congratulations!  You have deployed the most widely deployed Document Management system in the world.  Your company understands what it means to have transitioned from a firm that is generally using Shares and folders alone to a firm that can readily store and retrieve any document created in the life of your firm.

The next question in most peoples mind is 'How do I leverage this investment to squeeze out even more value for my firm?'  The good news is that there are many options available to you and Dox Advisors can help you navigate the possibilities to provide you with the guidance to determine which option will provide the greatest impact for your stage of growth.  We have a deep understanding of the level of complexity, investment and the business benefits to be derived from each option as a result of our years of working with clients.

The following are some of the things you should be considering:

  • Remote access to documents for your users - in court, traveling on business, from home, on their cell phone or iPad
  • Scanning - Bulk scanning or the addition of even a few desktop scanners can greatly decrease your paper storage costs and help with collaboration
  • Workflow - keep track of assigned document reviews with appropriately timed alerts
  • Digital Paper from SONY - great for witness prep. Leave the redwell at home, look more professional by reviewing the facts on digital paper.
  • Mail Merge.  Perhaps you looked at high end products that were too expensive.  We have a powerful and cost effective solution for you to generate documents from within Worldox
  • Document comparison -  Word does not quite provide the functionality you need as an accomplished Attorney.  Solutions that integrate with Worldox are much more powerful
  • Extranet capabilities - do you need to share documents from your system with outside parties or clients?  We have various solutions for you
  • Document Production and Bates Stamping -  Bundledocs is a great solution that we have partnered with
  • Practice Management integration - we partner with Practice Master and Advologix to provide the best of thick client and cloud based solutions
  • Salesforce integration - need to launch document searches from your Salesforce pages?  We have you covered

Dox Advisors is comfortable with designing and deploying effective solutions for all the above scenarios. 

Contact us today to discuss your needs.