DoxMonitor is our proven success story for our Worldox Clients. The success of the Worldox system is the ability to save content and then be able to search and find that content - quickly and simply. The Worldox Indexer is the heartbeat of a succesful Worldox implementation. We monitor the Worldox Indexer for our clients so that their Worldox system is always functioning properly - text and profile databases are online and up to date and processing their content. We get alerts when and if the Indexer is down and we will usually have the Indexer back online before the users realize there is an issue. We receive email notifications at multiple times during the workday to insure that Worldox is running properly. Call today to inquire and get pricing. Guaranteed uptime - guaranteed Worldox success story!

We manage the Worldox Indexer for uptime success for Worldox users in your firm.