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Digital Paper from Sony, in conjunction with Worldox, gives you the power to annotate, share and save your documents - all from a handy, super-legible device that's light enough to carry anywhere!
To sync documents and notes with the Sony Digital Paper device, you can either use the included USB cable, or wireless sync through a account. Box has both Free options and enterprise options. For those using Worldox - Worldox has created further shortcuts and integrations to allow your Client documents to be sent directly to Digital Paper from Worldox. Your Digital handwritten Notes can also be filed into an appropriate Client/Matter folder within Worldox.

Introducing the new paperless way to work. The electronic legal pad!. Sony Digital Paper allows you to create, annotate, highlight, read, review documents in PDF format. You can use the Sony Digital Paper for all your hand written notes. When saved the notes are converted to PDF and easily saved to Worldox or BOX to access from all of your devices; Laptops, Computers, iPads, iPhones, Smartphones.