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Symphony Suite for Worldox® helps your firm process and manage electronic documents more effectively. 

Symphony Suite optimizes the entire workflow for scanning and filing, making it as easy to work with paper documents as it is to work with electronic documents.

Symphony Profiler – Maximize your scanning workflow

  • Batch scan documents quickly and easily
  • Remove the “thinking” from scanning
  • Reduce filing errors
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Decrease time associated with non-billable activities
  • Improve overall operational efficiencies

Symphony OCR – Create more powerful Worldox text searches

  • Automated optical character recognition software that performs as soon as documents are saved to Worldox
  • Ability to OCR PDF, TIFFs and email attachments
  • Preserves the original PDF content
  • Operates on existing Worldox indexer computer/ hardware
  • Cut scanning time in half by turning off your scanner’s OCR feature
  • Allows you to search and find filed documents in seconds


Symphony Suite for Worldox, the complete imaging solution. 

Complete Imaging Solution for Worldox