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Improve Your Worldox Skills Within Days

Welcome to the Worldox Academy.

If you're struggling with using Worldox and finding it challenging to locate documents quickly then this course will be of great help to you.

We are going to teach you how to use Worldox more effectively - guaranteed!

You will learn:

  • Best Practices of using Worldox
  • To. understand The Why of using various features which is empowering

Road Map to Success

We will guide you or your team along a tried and true path that leads to effective use of Worldox.

You will also learn how to configure your personal Worldox workspace for rapid access to documents.  We also show you how to optimize your Word and Outlook environments.

In less than an hour of watching videos, followed by a few days or practicing what you learned, you can expect to see significant improvement in your WORLDOX skills. 

How do we know this? 

Because we have been training thousands of people for years and we know exactly where you struggle and have the experience to guide you to success.

You Have the following options to choose from

  1. Single On Demand License - ideal for Worldox Users that want to advance their career skills'
  2. For Firm Administrators or Firm Partners we can provide bulk pricing for all of your staff.  Successful companies invest in staff training.  It is also proven to help with staff retention. 

When you are comfortable, click the appropriate button below to get instant access.  


What are you Purchasing?

  • A carefully designed road map that guide you to successful use of Worldox
  • 16 Easy to follow Video Lessons
  • Additional lessons will be added to a Bonus Lesson section
  • Introductions that explain the particular techniques and why and when they should be used
  • Life-time access
  • Ability to pause, slow down or speed up the lesson
  • You can select High Definition or lower resolutions for slower internet connections



Most Popular

  • Appropriate for all users of Worldox
  • New or Experienced
  • Personal Improvement
  • New Employees
  • Self paced post onsite training
  • Improved Configuration Needed

Bulk Purchases

Depends on Users

For Firm Administrators

  • We will send you coupons for you to distribute for your team to get access
  • We provide bulk pricing if you purchase more than 50% of your Worldox user count
  • Pay by Company Credit Card or Paypal
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