Worldox Training

Our courses are self-paced and have an impact on everyone that takes them.

Any time invested in training will be paid back many times over.
After completing a course, you will be a much more effective Worldox user.
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On Demand Training Options
I Am a Firm Administrator
I Am An Attorney

This course will lay out in an ordered way the skills that you need to use Worldox effectively.

We will not just show. you the 'how' of doing certain things.  More importantly we will show you the 'Why' of using the various tools available in Worldox


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This training is designed for those that have completed the Worldox Academy course or for Firm Administrators of the Worldox deployment.  

Here you will learn how to make your deployment much more effective with some key adjustments.  We will show you what and how to configure it.


This offering covers advanced Worldox setup training and mentoring. 

It provides expert guidance to Worldox Systems Integrators on deployments or advanced features of Worldox

One hour of expert mentoring with a Partner is included in this offering.